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Catena del Monte Canin, Sella Nevea, Tarvisio

Winter sports and tourism at Sella Nevea

The Hotel Canin collaborates with all the Authorities in charge for sport tourism at Sella Nevea. For your safety and comfort we can get you in touch directly with the ski runs manager, the Ski School, the local Alpine Guides, the Sleddog Muscher and the sport equipment renters.

Alpine Ski

Pista da sci Canin a Sella Nevea, Tarvisio

You can live the hotel with your ski on and enjoy 40 kilometers ski slopes, at an altitude of 1.100 meters to 2.292 meters, spread between Italy and Slovenia with no solution of continuity.
The Alpine Italian side, because the northerly exposure, provides a long ski season that usually begins in December and ends up even in April because of the profuse snowfalls typical of the area.
The ski resort is equipped with the most up to date ski tows. From Sella Nevea you can get up to 1.850 meters altitude by means of a rapid cableway with automatic hitching up that can carry up to 1.800 persons per hour. Than you can ski downwards a spectacular 3 kilometres slope. This ski slope is officially approved by FIS the Federal Italian Authority as a training centre for professional ski teams all over the world. Besides, it is mainly used for Coppa Europa Ski Race.
If, instead of skiing down you you prefer to keep going up to 2.133 meters you can get on the border with Slovenia where you will find the ultramodern 'Funitor' ski tow made by combining two cable cars in one span that can carry a hundred of persons each one. This ride is strongly recommended to appreciate the overall astonishing view.

In the Slovenian side, there is the ski resort Bovec where the ski tows reach 2.292 meters of altitude toget down to 1.649 meters by different ski slopes. If there is enough snow, it is also possible to get down the valley at an altitude of 460 meters. The southern orientation makes it possible to ski always in the sun, this is a feature very much loved by the winter tan lovers.

Cabinovia Canin - impianti - Sella Nevea
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Snowboard and Freeride

There are fresh snow, hops and canyons and all ingredients needed for those who are keen on Snowboard and Freeride. There are innumerable off-piste routes some of which have a difference in altitude of 1.000 meters, that allows you to fully enjoy these exiting sports. The frequent snowfalls give you the opportunity to rut virgin slopes in fresh snow. Freestyle lovers will be able to find out many Tricks.

Snowboard a Sella Nevea, Tarvisio

Sleddog and Dog Trekking

Snowboard a Sella Nevea, Tarvisio

Running the forests and the snowy uplands on a dog sled is an experience not to be missed. The Snowdogs Sporting Association offers to animal lovers the chance to practice an effortless style of trekking pulled by dogs , either on a sledge or by foot . Sleddog and Dog Trekking are the more natural sports you can practice in order to appreciate the dream scenario of the mountains while doing outdoor activities.

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Ciaspolata a Sella Nevea e Tarvisio

'Ciaspolada' as people say here. Walking over the snow looking for peaceful corners in the deep of fresh woods will regenerate you.

Alpine Skiing

Sci Alpinismo a Sella Nevea, Tarvisio

Do you prefer to use the ski tows or to use you legs to get up the mountains? Sella Nevea wont disappoint you for skiing down immaculate slopes. Either the Monte Canin north slope or the Montasio and the Jof Fuart slopes offer you a multitude of routes to walk up to get to peaks or cols in order to get down again in fresh snow.

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