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Il Montasio visto dall'altopiano a Sella Nevea, Tarvisio

Summer tourism and sport at Sella Nevea

The Hotel Canin collaborates with all the major Authorities in charge for sport tourism at Sella Nevea. For your comfort and safety we can get you in touch directly with the ski tow manager or local Alpine Guides or Alpine Rescue.

Trekking and nature

escursionismo trekking a sella nevea tarvisio Natura a Sella Nevea e tarvisio

There are a maze of mountain paths, for different skills, from beginner to very advanced level. It is possible to reach many equipped alpine huts providing catering and accommodations. The excursion difficulty level get hardest in achieving the highest mountain picks all over the area. The very peculiar paths of different lengths that go horizontally across the entire Monte Montasio and Jof Fuart rock faces offer you scenic views and breathtaking panoramas. All paths and rock-climbing routes are very well marked out. Relevant equipment is placed there to make them safe and it is also periodically checked out for maintenance by CAI Authority together with Alpine Guides.


Alpinismo a Sella Nevea, Tarvisio

Eminent figures such as Julius Kughi, Emilio Comici, Ignazio Piussi, Cirillo Floranini took part in creating the Alpine History and gave prestige to this very area. On these Giants' experience the local Classical Alpinism has developed to the most modern form with its rock-climbing routes equipped with splits for safety. In this district, Alpine rock-climbing is practised mainly on these mountains: Canin, Montasio and Jof Fuart. But not too far from here, there are also the Mangart, the Tricorno, the Creta Grauzaria and the Cavallo mountains.

Adventure Park

parco avventura sella nevea tarvisio

Adrenaline shots are guaranteed in the Adventure Park ! Let's try the emotions to move yourself hanging safely to the trees. Have fun!

Cave Predil Lake

lago del predil sella nevea tarvisio

From Sella Nevea, in ten minutes by car, going down towards Tarvisio, there is the Cave Lake (Raibl). Here, there are two areas equipped as a sea spa. On their beaches you can put down your deckchairs and get tanned. Otherwise you can rent a pedalo and get around the lake. Also, when it is windy, those who feel more sporty can practice windsurf.

Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike a Sella Nevea e Tarvisio

From the Montasio Plateau you will enjoy breathtaking down hills slopes and the most beautiful routes. Even in this case, if it is preferred, you can rent all the equipment and also have the chance to get a guide.

Cycle Tourism

Cicloturismo a Sella Nevea e Tarvisio

An asphalt belt links the woods among Tarvisio, Austria and Slovenia. Along the bike-way you will be able to discover all the beauty of the place.

Motorbike Tourism

Mototurismo a Sella Nevea e Tarvisio

For the joy of riders here there are many alpine passes among Italy, Austria and Slovenia.


Free Climbing a Sella Nevea e Tarvisio

It takes only 10 minutes by foot from our hotel to get up to a cliff with sixty ways of slab and steep routes, from 5c to 8c of difficulty, all equipped with chemical splits for maximum safety.


Speleologia a Sella Nevea

1.760, this the number of caves that who appreciate speleology can find around Sella Nevea. The 'Carsismo' phenomenon gave this feature to Sella Nevea making it internationally famous for this reason. Many and incessant are the expeditions that keep going on and on in this vast speleology paradise. You have just to take the cableway to be spoilt for choice about what cave to explore.

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