Sella Nevea
Hotel Sella Nevea Tarvisio

The Hotel Canin is located in the centre of Sella Nevea at 1.190 meters of altitude in an outstanding natural landscape just at the foot of Monte Canin mountain.

It benefits of an unique location which is crucial to directly access the ski runs and the most up to date ski tows.

The appealing building offers an intimate and relaxed environment where you will be enjoying unforgettable and exiting moments surrounded by a virgin nature just close to the border between Friuli (a far north-est region of Italy) and Slovenia. Here you will spend an enjoyable holiday's pure nature. You will get plenty of emotions spending time on the snow spanning Friuli and Slovenia.


Sella Nevea offers you the chance to practice every mountain sports. Either in winter or in summer you will be spoilt for choice: mountain path, rock face, forests, lakes and rivers.

This tourist area offers you an exiting environment for sports. A stunning nature will be discovered by you through the countless tracks equipped by the CAI Authority all over the Alpi Giulie compound.

Benessere a Sella Nevea Tarvisio

You will better your well-being far from the summer hit and the urban strain. You will be nourished by air and water pureness as well as by wholesome local food.

The modern society craze will became a distant memory. You don't have to commit yourself, just relax and let it go.

Convenienza a Sella nevea, Tarvisio

Attractive prices are adjustable for different needs.

Special offer prices for groups as well.

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